Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 4, 2013

Oi minhas bençãos! These pictures look really weird on this computer so hopefully they look normal when I send them... this week was AWESOME and I´m looking forward to an even better transfer ahead! WE BAPTIZED JAQULINE´S DAD. Sister Seal found Jaqueline through contacting her dad, who always sits in the same chair all day drinking and we never thought he would ever want to be baptized. But just out of nowhere one day he told us that he stopped drinking and he would be baptized if the water wasn´t cold. He is very immobile, he needs a cane and one arm doesn´t work. When he said that though we just freaked out and told him we would do ANYTHING. So as you can see, we boiled water to fill the font and he was baptized by two people, sitting down in the water. I´ve never seen that many people cry in a baptism, but for Jaqueline it was very very special. He told her before that she is the daughter who he treated the worst but now she´s the one who´s brought him to the gospel. You can just see how much his eyes are smiling. Don´t give up on anyone!! This was a very special baptism. The first picture is of us eating pizza on thanksgiving. Definitely is not a thing here but we kind of celebrated :) The pizza place is called D´Napoli´s so it reminds me of Wellsville. We had transfers again and only Sister Willette left so we have a new Brasilian in our house and I´m still Sister Seal´s companion. It´s so weird.. our relationship is actually getting better with time and not worse. My mission is just a series of things I don´t deserve. We have SO many ideas this transfer to get member excited about missionary work. We´re going to visit less actives with other members, have family nights, go caroling, and have integration activities every week! I feel like we´ve just been learning this whole time, but now Sister Seal and I are a dream team and I´m expecting BIG things this transfer. JUST THREE MORE WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! I´m going to get all my letters for the month again next week so I´ll know about the card and everything. I´m so excited to talk to you all! I know that we get to skype and I think we choose our times.. I´ll probably know everything after our Zone meeting tomorrow. I always have cool people to talk about but then when they don´t get baptized I regret it.. so hopefully we´ll baptize a lot this week. We´re going to teach a crazy cat lady! DREAM INVESTIGATOR!! I don´t know why my mission revolves so much around cats.. but there are just so many distressed kittens that I have to save. One time I actually did and they´re living with a recent convert so basically they´re mine :) One kitten actually ran to me and followed me all the way to our house. Pick your sins :) Just kidding. I´m probably going to die of rabies. I´m recommitting AGAIN to just speak portuguese so I´ll probably forget English by Christmas! I´m so excited to talk with dad! Every transfer I pick a Christlike atribute to focus on. This month is faith because it´s the season of miracles. Faith seems like such an obvious one but really we are always lacking. I need to believe more in myself and my calling and my ability to do big thing here. I finished my training. Serving and inspiring the members is the other focus. It sounds like everyone is doing great! I´m so glad people are coming for Christmas, I´ve actually been praying about that specifically. God really is answering my prayers lately! I mean He always does, but I´ve really learned how to ask for specific things, according to His will, of course. But I did pray for specific weather one day and it happened.. weather children, remember mom? :) The ultimate goal in life really is just to have faith and trust in God like a little child. Never assume you konw enough about faith, or about the Savior! Everything really is awesome and I´m so happy it´s the season of miracles! Use this season to show people the love that God has for them through the Gospel! I love you guys so much! Three weeks! Beijinhos, Sister Moore

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