Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Sister Moore's First Baptism!

Sister Moore is in Joao Pessoa!


Sorry this computer  is awful and I don´t have time to figure out how to upload more photos but here´s my first  baptism!!  Haha I don´t really feel that responsible for it  but Cleonice is really cool and right now we are really really hoping her family will be baptized.  None of them were at the baptism which was really sad.  They all know the church is true but there´s always an excuse to not come to church.  

This lady on my first Sunday who had never met me just asked me out of nowhere if I  knew Àlma Tem Paz (Be Still My Soul) and if I would sing it.  So this week I did, as a prelude and it really helped people  be quieter at the beginning of the sacrament meeting.. the week before EVERYONE was still talking all the way through the bishop´s announcements.  I don´t know why that has been my theme song but it´s sure a great one.  It´s also not in the Portuguese hymnal so I just happened to still  have the music from the CTM.

 My clothes have been working out okay but I really wish we hadn´t bought all that stuff at target.  Everything I need I can easily buy here and transfers will be really hard with more than two heavy bags.  Just advice for anyone who´s preparing to serve.  Also... CHACOS EVERYBODY HAS CHACOS.   My shoes have been okay and comfortable which really is a blessing because Sister Willette and  Johnson have been in the house not working for almost a whole week because of Sister Willette´s blisters.   But they are definitely allowed and recommended.  I don´t know how I can get some, because shoes will get stolen if you don´t send them one at a time. and I would want them to fit.  Also my watch is going to  rip in half in few weeks  haha.. but you can always find a watch.  White is also a bad idea.  

I am still very happy and am learning SO fast.   It´s still really hard to understand people, but when that comes everything will be easier.   I have a story that I´ll save until after my mission about not understanding  what someone is saying.... it´s a good one.  Pray for my safety :)

The mission just really hasn´t gotten hard yet, a lot of people say training is the hardest so I´m really worried about whether I´ll have to train in six weeks or not.  But I've just been counting my blessings and if nothing else I am already realizing how hard  I've made my life for myself.  I know after my mission  I will be a much better student, friend, and most importantly wife and mother. I just have nothing but hope, hope in happiness that is PROMISED to me, in a happiness that is forever.  Everything in life can let you down, people let you down, you can walk miles across Joao Pessoa until your feet bleed just to be blown off again by an investigator, but the Savior will always keep his promises to us.  Life is a lot simpler  with Jesus Christ and  He makes it a lot easier.

You should try to find the video for missionaries about the atonement with President Eyring and Elder Holland.  It has been a central thought to me so far in my mission.  Elder Hollands words are always in my head when he says ´´Salvation was NEVER easy, because Salvation is NOT a cheap experience´´  It is just such a huge thing to remember for myself and investigators.  Faithfulness in the church is not easy, many times things will get harder for the investigators after baptism.  But I´m praying to find the ELECT so that they will endure and really know what the gospel means and raise their children that way. 

I love you all and am praying for you!   Be good member missionaries :)  Just open your mouth. 

Com muito amor

Sister Moore

Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 16, 2013

Querida Familia,

WHAT??  My companion is from Utah and she was just telling me that Provo got hit really bad by the storm.  I´m glad everyone´s okay.  The world really is ending.  I guess there´s this talk by President Hinckley where he says that soon more Sisters are going to be going on missions, not because they can´t get married or don´t want to, but because the next generation will be raised by two returned missionaries!  You guys should try to find out what talk that was from  It´s a pretty prophetic statement, probably because it´s from a prophet.  The Sisters in my generation are the future mothers of the stripling warriors!!  By the end of this year there will be 100,000 missionaries serving.  WOW

Anyway, it´s been an awesome week.  I really have no complaints about Brasil.  Dad, I just barely got a Vitamina.  Yours are better ;)  But oh man, THE FOOD HERE.  I don´t know what Joel was talking about, because every Almoco I´ve had here has been the best thing I´ve ever eaten.  Better than that restaurant we went to.  And they always have dessert.  Yesterday it was these little balls of crumbled cake mixed with condensed milk, frozen and dipped in chocolate.  I think you need to learn how to make that.  The members are so cool here.  We went street contacting with this awesome 16-year-old, Eliseangela (no idea how it´s spelled).  She goes with the missionaries twice a week for at least 3 hours and she is just the best little missionary.  She knows quite a lot of English and knows a lot of American songs, like she loves Taylor Swift.  She even quoted the Smelly Cat song from friends.  LOVE her.

Speaking of cats, there are SO many cats here.  And dogs.  They are all really sad looking and they all love me because I´m the only person who doesn´t kick them.  Sometimes I get really sad because I can´t hug every cat :(  People don´t neuter their pets here so they´re just everywhere but I´m amazed at how cute and not dirty they are.  I´m pretty much in heaven haha

My roommate Sister Johnson played basketball at Utah State and she says she knows Todd and Kimiko! First name Nichole. Super weird.  She´s so funny and it´s weird how old she is compared to all the new Sisters.  She´s also 6´2´´ so she calls me midge and I call her Amazona. She´s great.  My companion has a boyfriend on a mission in Korea and she started her papers in between sessions of the conference the change was announced... yeah....

The work here is a whole different game than the rest of the world.  An investigator only counts if they accept baptism on the first contact.  Every single person here will let you into their home and every single person will say they´ll come to church but no one ever does.  Those people are called ``moles`´ (moleys)  Just really flakey people.  We invited like 20 people to church and had about 7 we were felt really good about and only two came.  One of them we actually had dropped the night before because he was yelling at us and said he definitely didn´t want to get baptized.  Then he just showed up.. Everyone here loves to talk about Jesus so it´s just hard to find the ones who actually will be good members.  We´re seeing one guy Eduardo who got baptized a couple of weeks ago and is already drinking and not coming to church.  The weird thing is he´s TEACHING his friends the gospel, which worries us a lot.  It´s so cool though when you do find a really good contact.  I have yet to see a big change in anyones life but I know all of our members really are just like any other latter-day-saints and I know they are all a lot better off.  We have one really good family who could be baptized but only the Grandma came because the Mom didn´t have any church clothes.  We got to teach her eight year old daughter the restoration which was really fun.  

Being on a mission in Brasil, you really don´t have to worry about whether you´ll baptize or not, because you will.  But it is still SO much work and you have to juggle SO many people and make decisions about who to actually contact again.  Most of the time is spent walking across our area just to be blown off for the millionth time.  We had a whole day with nothing but that.  Numbers are also really important.  I want to be obedient, but I´m still trying to see how having a baptism EACH week is more important than making sure people are ready.  My companion and I are alike in that we both don´t like initially talking to people.  Finding the elect is hard.  We like talking to people who are just out in the street not doing anything, and a lot of those people are really mole.  We talk to a lot of gross old Catholic men who don´t understand what we´re talking about at all.  It´s just so weird, I don´t think in any other place in the world I would be able to just go up to people and explain why their church is wrong.  But it works here.  The majority of people, after you explain imersion, not baptizing infants, and the priesthood, will tell you they want to be baptized the same way Jesus was.  But then you never see them again.  

Brasil in general is just really interesting.  The homes are all very simple and small but usually very clean.  People have some pretty nice things, most people have flat screen tv´s, nice cars and smart phones, xbox´s, especially members.  Almoco is the big meal at noon and we don´t eat again until right before bed and it´s always just a little snack.  It´s hot here but overall I´ve been fine because it gets dark really early and there´s a breeze.  Someday I really do want to go to the beach here.   It just feels like a beach but I´ve only barely seen the ocean.  

So I´ve pretty much been nothing but blessed.  I love this work and I love feeling tired at the end of the day because I really DID something.  I really am just trying to be patient as I learn the language and start to understand all that people are saying.  I can´t believe how much I´ve learned about faith.  I love you all so much!!!!  Ate mais!

Sister Moore

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013

Hannah's Awesome CTM District!

The Missionaries at the Temple
Queridos Pais,
Eu vou tentar meu melhor para responder a suas perguntas!!!  It really has been the best month of my life here at the CTM!  My district is all super sad to be leaving each other, but half of us are going to Joao Pessoa so that's a GIANT blessing.  I will have these friends for eternity.  Our no-English pact has been working on and off, sometimes we have a little trouble focusing but we just have so much fun together and love each other so when the Spirit is there in our district, it truly is unrestrained.  I've really learned that laughing with people is how I love them.

I'm so suprised we aren't all super fat.  We have a lot of candy, American and Brasilian.  My district is a miracle.  Everyone thought we were the beginning of people getting their VISA's but it's not true.  It's actually really really empty here lately, like no one but us lives on our floor it seems.  The CTM is a really special place to be.  I love the instructors and leaders here.  One Irma in particular, Irma Ferreira isn't even our teacher but we're her favorite Americans.  I asked her in Portuguese about the words to Disney songs and I didn't think she understood, but then the next day she brought me the lyrics to A Whole New World written all pretty on cute Disney paper.  It seriously was the best thing ever and now I'm always singing that song with the Portuguese words.

I got your package... I'm not gonna lie I was kind of laughing at it a little.  It has only rained twice and not very much.. only that one week was cold haha and the Halls!!!  At least now I can show people the American packaging and that it is in fact medicine :) I really appreciated your card and I could understand Dad's message.  The only letter I got was the one from you and from the ward.. I really wish more people would write because everyone has letters every day but me.  It doesn't really bother me that much though, writing really is the least of my worries.

Rule number one here: DON"T FEED THE INSTRUCTORS.  Elder Wood begged me for sour patch kids so I was trying to be sneaky and gave him some then Irmao Allan reaches AROUND me from behind and just grabs a giant handful without asking.  Then he told someone else and they both kept holding their hands out for more and it was just so funny but really rude.  I just cracked up every time and I couldn't say no.  Irmao Allan doesn't need sugar.
Our broadcasted fireside was Elder Anderson and he spoke about visiting the MACON GEORGIA mission last week!!  That was really cool.  I love our devotionals, broadcast or not.  Last night it was the Steadmans who are finishing their missions the same day we leave for the field.  They were the first people to greet us and they just feel like family.  Elder Steadman served Brasil North the exact same time as Dad was in the South!  Without Sister Steadman, I don't know what the choir will do (AHEM, Dad.)  But seriously, I talked to Elder Steadman and Brasil needs more Social Workers.  And the Sister Missionaries need mom hugs from you, Mom!  You really can't know the love and the spirit that exists in the CTM or in missionary work until you've felt it.  I'm glad you are being good missionaries back home though, i have been praying for that.  Nothing is more important than this work!!!

I don't have much more time but I need to tell you about last night.  Our district sang an amazing a capella rendition of Nearer My God To Thee (Mais Perto Quero Estar) with violin and it was SO powerful because of the love in our district and the power of music!!  After we were done, President Degn got up and said, I have a change of plan.  Instead of all the district leaders meeting with me, I want you all to meet with your districts, talk about what you've felt tonight and make goals.  It was so inspired and perfect and I will never forget our district meeting that night.  We all shared stories of why we're here and I really know we are all supposed to be here at this exact time in this exact district.  

We found out the numbers of people waiting for visas has gone over 1000 and dates back to February.  I know I was supposed to put my papers when I did, that I wasn't supposed to get residency,  that I need to go to BYU.  I even know I was supposed to have my Grandma's scriptures.  Sometimes I feel like I might ruin them, but I know there is no better use for them.  She is an angel watching me and I can see her handwriting and scriptures she's marked that are for me as I study.  I never thought much of what she wrote on the first page.  It simply says, Teach with the Spirit to impress the soul.  But that is the one thing I've had to learn here.  I am going to give other people and a whole new generation of people the abililty to have the blessings that our family has. 

My children are going to be raised in a terrible world, but I know the Lord provides a plan and the next generation of LDS youth will be raised by two parents who have served full-time missions.  The blessings that will bring are unimaginable. 

I love the gospel and I love this work and I love my Savior!  I love you!!  Serve missions!!!
Sister Moore

Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 28, 2013

Ontem,  nosso Instrutor Irmao Ramalho disse que nos nao podemos falar ingles para as proximas dois semanas!!! When he said that we were all just silent.  He made us sign a pact to not speak English at ANY time, and it was kind of sad because we all love each other so much but at the same it it's really going to help us learn fast and will help us focus all the time.  So far I've been doing pretty good but it's really sad for the people who are struggling with the language.  We ate a lot of chocolate so we wouldn't be as sad.  One sister hasn't even been trying at all which is super weird.  She just refuses to speak and it's really sad.. she keeps saying she'll learn in the feild but everyone's worried about her attitude.  The spirit will posses you then!!  Haha that's what I've been feeling about the CTM, if I don't learn to work hard here, I'll just keep coming up with excuses to be lazy.

It's been a really good week!  We have so much fun and I just love Brasil and Brasilheros!!  That's so exciting that Wyatt's coming today, he's not here yet but it's always a big deal when Americans come.  The week ahead of us only had one Sister and Three Elders so they actually let her be companions WITH ELDERS.  How weird is that??  I feel bad for her.  She came from Provo and was in a trio of Sisters but when they left they put her with the Elders in her level. 
Today we went to the Sao Paulo temple again and we met our Instructor Irmao Allan's cute pregnant wife.  They are the cutest people I have ever met.  I never knew Brasilians could be ginger... it's a really diverse place.  I couldn't understand much of what she was saying but Irmao Allan kept telling us to ask her questions and it was realy funny.  Haha we have been looking forward to meeting her since got here.. 

This week we got to walk 30 minutes away from the CTM and hand out Books of Mormon.  I seriously am so lucky to be serving here.  It was the scariest thing ever but after the first person you realize that these people really love that you want to talk to them and that you have a free book for them.  All you have to say is "de graca!!" and they take it.  But it really is cool to be able to bear my testimony to strangers in Portuguese and they understand me.  A couple of the peopel just lit up when we spoke with them. 

I forgot to tell you we now get broadcasts from Provo for the first time ever.  The first one was 2 weeks ago with Richard G Scott and there's another one tonight.  Usually we just watch old devotionals.  No apostles have been here, it's kind of a rarity if you're not in Provo.  There are a lot more MTC's than I thought!! 

So I got a solo!!  haha I think I was the only one who auditioned but I'm going to sing "Be Still My Soul" in Portuguese this Sunday for our Sunday devotional!

The Longmont missionaries are so spoiled!!! I wish I got to live in a house like ours. I showed my teacher a picture of the pets and just from seeing our door he was all "you must be rich!!"  Remember how blessed you are!  After meeting all these Senior couples serving here in the CTM I can definitely see you guys doing that.  They're all people who served in Brasil in the 1960's and Dad would probably find someone he knows!  I haven't met anyone as old as Dad though ;)  Te amo muito meu querido Papai!

 I love you guys so much and I encourage you to get active in missionary work whenever you can!!!  I love being a missionary and I know the Savior's love is helping me every day.  I love the Savior and I love His gospel!!
Com muito amor,
Sister Moore