Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013

Hannah's Awesome CTM District!

The Missionaries at the Temple
Queridos Pais,
Eu vou tentar meu melhor para responder a suas perguntas!!!  It really has been the best month of my life here at the CTM!  My district is all super sad to be leaving each other, but half of us are going to Joao Pessoa so that's a GIANT blessing.  I will have these friends for eternity.  Our no-English pact has been working on and off, sometimes we have a little trouble focusing but we just have so much fun together and love each other so when the Spirit is there in our district, it truly is unrestrained.  I've really learned that laughing with people is how I love them.

I'm so suprised we aren't all super fat.  We have a lot of candy, American and Brasilian.  My district is a miracle.  Everyone thought we were the beginning of people getting their VISA's but it's not true.  It's actually really really empty here lately, like no one but us lives on our floor it seems.  The CTM is a really special place to be.  I love the instructors and leaders here.  One Irma in particular, Irma Ferreira isn't even our teacher but we're her favorite Americans.  I asked her in Portuguese about the words to Disney songs and I didn't think she understood, but then the next day she brought me the lyrics to A Whole New World written all pretty on cute Disney paper.  It seriously was the best thing ever and now I'm always singing that song with the Portuguese words.

I got your package... I'm not gonna lie I was kind of laughing at it a little.  It has only rained twice and not very much.. only that one week was cold haha and the Halls!!!  At least now I can show people the American packaging and that it is in fact medicine :) I really appreciated your card and I could understand Dad's message.  The only letter I got was the one from you and from the ward.. I really wish more people would write because everyone has letters every day but me.  It doesn't really bother me that much though, writing really is the least of my worries.

Rule number one here: DON"T FEED THE INSTRUCTORS.  Elder Wood begged me for sour patch kids so I was trying to be sneaky and gave him some then Irmao Allan reaches AROUND me from behind and just grabs a giant handful without asking.  Then he told someone else and they both kept holding their hands out for more and it was just so funny but really rude.  I just cracked up every time and I couldn't say no.  Irmao Allan doesn't need sugar.
Our broadcasted fireside was Elder Anderson and he spoke about visiting the MACON GEORGIA mission last week!!  That was really cool.  I love our devotionals, broadcast or not.  Last night it was the Steadmans who are finishing their missions the same day we leave for the field.  They were the first people to greet us and they just feel like family.  Elder Steadman served Brasil North the exact same time as Dad was in the South!  Without Sister Steadman, I don't know what the choir will do (AHEM, Dad.)  But seriously, I talked to Elder Steadman and Brasil needs more Social Workers.  And the Sister Missionaries need mom hugs from you, Mom!  You really can't know the love and the spirit that exists in the CTM or in missionary work until you've felt it.  I'm glad you are being good missionaries back home though, i have been praying for that.  Nothing is more important than this work!!!

I don't have much more time but I need to tell you about last night.  Our district sang an amazing a capella rendition of Nearer My God To Thee (Mais Perto Quero Estar) with violin and it was SO powerful because of the love in our district and the power of music!!  After we were done, President Degn got up and said, I have a change of plan.  Instead of all the district leaders meeting with me, I want you all to meet with your districts, talk about what you've felt tonight and make goals.  It was so inspired and perfect and I will never forget our district meeting that night.  We all shared stories of why we're here and I really know we are all supposed to be here at this exact time in this exact district.  

We found out the numbers of people waiting for visas has gone over 1000 and dates back to February.  I know I was supposed to put my papers when I did, that I wasn't supposed to get residency,  that I need to go to BYU.  I even know I was supposed to have my Grandma's scriptures.  Sometimes I feel like I might ruin them, but I know there is no better use for them.  She is an angel watching me and I can see her handwriting and scriptures she's marked that are for me as I study.  I never thought much of what she wrote on the first page.  It simply says, Teach with the Spirit to impress the soul.  But that is the one thing I've had to learn here.  I am going to give other people and a whole new generation of people the abililty to have the blessings that our family has. 

My children are going to be raised in a terrible world, but I know the Lord provides a plan and the next generation of LDS youth will be raised by two parents who have served full-time missions.  The blessings that will bring are unimaginable. 

I love the gospel and I love this work and I love my Savior!  I love you!!  Serve missions!!!
Sister Moore

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