Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 14, 2014

Família minha,

Feliz Semana Santa!!  J got baptized.  She really has been wanting this change so much. She´s 20 and has a 5 year old daughter and her life has just been full of problems from the start.  It´s a cycle her daughter would´ve started into as well.. Never really knowing better until now, she´s basically had problems with every commandment you can break, which is why it took a while with her (okay, a while if you´re in Brazil).  I love the picture we took with her mom and her daughter, just thinking how little Vivian doesn´t need to live the life her mom and grandma lived.  Luzia, the grandma (super young grandma), wants to be baptized next week too!!  This was really a cool baptism.  

I´m not really that sure what I want to talk about this week, but it´s just been a week of enduring and reflecting on what kind of missionary I am.  Something my companion has taught me is that sometimes we try so hard to be ´´Sister Moore´´ that we forget that the Lord called Hannah and needs Hannah to be here at this time and with these people.  Sometimes our defects make us not want to try because it seems the work is just so much bigger than we are. But the Lord has fit His plan of Salvation to our skill level, and so it is with the mission.  That is why it is so important to not compare your life, your mission, or anything with anyone else.  

I know the Lord loves me.  I just read the May 2013 talk by President Eyring.  This Easter week we all need to again invite the Savior to abide with us, in our homes, in our work. He talks so much about how He just wants to draw near to us. He loves us so much and is so full of mercy and understanding for our weaknesses. 

This week pray for Luzia, Janiana´s mom. Also Cristiane and her three sons who all want to be baptized, João, who probably doesn´t understand a word we say but needs the gospel too, and Elinildo, who needs to quit his sunday job with rooster fighting...  that´s five!  

I love you all so much!! The church is true!


Sister Moore

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