Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 14, 2014

Oi família!!  Quanto tempo!!
I was transfered to.. drumroll...... COLINAS DO SUL STILL!  I´m still
here, but with a new companion, the new Sister Líder Treinadora here,
Sister Johnson (another Sister Johnson).  So I´ll still go to the
Leadership meetings every month and I´ll get to see Sister
Sciammarella.  That´s what I mean when I say I´m basically a zone
leader haha.. I participate in the planning our zone meetings.  A ton
of people in my group and older have still never trained or even been
senior, and it´s just the timing.  I came with a giant group and since
then, like 6 sisters have come.  So it´s just a mindset I need to get over. 
The Lord knows what He´s doing and I know I´m gonna love
Sister Johnson.  She´s also from Sister Seal and Sciammarella´s group
who leaves in September.  I really just met her but I´ve heard good
things about her.  I feel like we all have callings and
responsibilities given to us that aren´t included in a title.  For
example, I´m now responsible for showing her this area and helping her
with her calling since I already have done divisions and know the
Sisters here.  It was a sad goodbye and this area is a beast, so
yeah, it was hard.  But I know it´s going to be okay.  I love your
emails and it was so good to talk to you all on Sunday.
It´s funny how well the Lord knows us.  I can feel that He´s right
here at my side, that He knows I can do anything I´m called to do.
Just do it and do it with a smile!  Mom, I wanted the chance to thank
you a little more on Mother´s day for being my mom.  The mission is
just teaching me all the things you always taught me, but you didn´t
need a mission to figure it out.  You are the kind of super hero the
world needs a lot of right now, just good moms who raise their kids
the right way, by example.  I love you so much and everything you´ve
taught me I use every day on the mission.  I will for sure write you a
letter but I have to give it to an Elder to mail so who knows when
it´ll get sent.  But it was such a comfort to see you guys. It didn´t
make me trunky, just grateful to remember that I´m just a kid with
parents who just hope I´m alright.  I´m trying to just do the best I
can as a missionary and I know you guys are happy with me and so is
the Lord.
I´m not really sure what else to write about in this letter, the news
of transfers kind of whitewash your memory of the last week.  But we
are still working with José, Luzia´s son.  That whole family needs the
gospel so bad, and they need to be in it together.  Please pray for
José to be baptized Sunday and for Antonio, the dad.
 Just the whole Família Ferreira da Silva.  But if you pray for that
name, you´ll be blessing 70% of Brasil ;) Pray for this ward, and also
for the other Antonio who we baptized. His health is very very bad, so
just pray for Antonio and Joselia.
But everything´s all good.  I know the Savior lives and loves me.  I´m
grateful for the chance to serve Him, because that is the only way to
understand who He is.  Wonderful things await those who have faith.  I
feel we didn´t work as well as we should´ve the last couple of days,
but it´s a new start with a new companion and miracles are going to
happen here!  We´ve got some good people we´re teaching and the Lord
is on our side.  I love you all so much and hope you have an awesome
week!  Até o proximo!
Sister Moore

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