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March 24, 2014

Querida Família!!

Wow, this was a week I definitely had to write everything down to remember all that happened!  We had a baptism yesterday, Antonio (the third Antonio, I´m going for the all-time record).  I really think I´m starting to understand how baptizing every week works.. you have to have at least 3 possible baptisms each week and at least one will :)  But really it is amazing just inviting people to repent and be baptized right when you meet them.  That´s why we´re here!  Next week we´re hoping to baptize Joselha, Antonio´s wife who came to church yesterday.  We know she will eventually but she hasn´t prayed specifically to know yet if the church is true and still thinks all churches are the same.  The gospel really is so simple.  There are only three reasons people won´t be baptized, 1. They haven´t prayed for a testimony 2. The commandments and 3. Family or friends.  When you really think about it it´s all just the commandment.  Just repent and be clean!  Every single person on the earth needs to do this to live with Heavenly Father again!

Our whole mission is doing a whole lot better this week, everyone is baptizing again and I think it was just a change in attitude.  On Tuesday we had a special training with the AP´s where they talked about New Zealand´s undefeatable rugby team, the All-Blacks.  We watched some clips of them playing and also of the Haka, their war dance they do to intimidate the other team.  What does that have to do with anything?  They always win because they know they will win, and will do anything to keep winning.  Jesus Christ already won, so we already know we´re the winning team.  We need the same attitude as the All-Blacks when we teach the gospel.  The people can choose to accept, but we need the certainty that the Spirit will help us and that what we are offering is what they need.  Afterwards our zone learned the Haka, you can YouTube it, and all the zones are making videos as a competition to see who can do it better.  It was super fun and I´m convinced it´s why we´re baptizing haha we´re such Lamanites.  

We also had divisions this week and this time I went to Bella Vista to work with the juniors for two days and Sister Sciammarella worked with the seniors to teach them how we work in our area.  It was pretty cool because I felt like a Sister Leader Trainer, but it´s just always fun working in a different area.  After that our zone did a blitz which also helped everyone a lot.  We all just went to one area and tried to mark as many baptisms as possible, giving all the references to the elders who worked there.  Realizing that we´re all working for the same thing is so important, and we can´t do anything without Christ.  The scripture Elder Wisner read at the end was 1 Corinthians 3:6-8, that says all the workers are equal, the planters and the reapers, but only God makes the seed grow.  It is so true.  I´ve been studying the enabling power of the atonement, and I really like in John 15 the example of the root and the branches.  God needs us to be His hands, but we can´t do anything without Him who first created us.  

So this was also a really funny week.  I got the most horrible haircut of my life that Sister Sciamm had to fix it.  Literally it was like a child was cutting it, I don´t think she really worked there haha but now it´s not that bad, just really short.  Sister Sciamm really wanted a picture with a donkey and it´s baby, and it totally kicked her... yeah it could´ve been really bad but it was just the funniest thing ever.  We also finally got to ride in a horse cart!  One of the members lives SO far out in the middle of nowhere on this little farm and they gave us a lift.  A really bumpy lift but it was awesome.  We´re princesses.  I´m sorry I never have my camera so I don´t have good pictures, but it´ll just get stolen.  My package hasn´t arrived yet but neither has Sister Sciamm´s Christmas package.. who knows. 

This week we are still trying to baptize Janaina, she was really excited to be baptized but then made some bad choices the night before.  Rhayanne´s older sister Ana Paula came to church and wants to be baptized!  She goes to college so she´s only home Saturday and Sunday, but she totally has a desire.  We knew it would be a lot better if we taught her with Rhayanne, but when we stopped by her house she didn´t want to come with us because she was tired.  But then in the middle of the lesson she just pulls up on a motorcycle out of nowhere and joins the lesson.  She´s always been super quiet and serious but when Ana Paula said she wanted to be baptized Rhayanne just screamed and started just testifying of baptism and the Holy Ghost and the Book of Mormon.  It was SO COOL.  Rhayanne is the best!!! I just wanted to cry I was so proud of her.  This is how missionary work should be, the people are so converted and happy that they bring everyone with them!  YES!

It sounds like you guys are doing great!  Your mission is going to bless you so much and I can´t believe Eric´s coming home!  I hope you have faith to break down prison walls but I also hope you are never in prison during your mission :) 

The church is true!  Joseph Smith is a prophet of God!  General Conference is coming up again.  I can´t believe how time flies.  I love you all so much!  I love your scripture on your plaque, I actually wrote that in my planner this week and I remembered it was your favorite scripture, mom.  

Com muito amor e carinho,

Sister Moore

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