Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Querida família,

Wow, I´m getting impatient with your mission call too!  I really do pray for all of you and your specific goals with the mission work, for you guys to find references for the missionaries and for Eric to baptize three people this month.  I will definitely write Sister Brown a letter today, that sounded like a very spiritual experience at Patriarch Brown´s funeral.  I´m sure that musical number touched many hearts.  Right now the frequencia of our ward is very very low, getting worse and people aren´t singing the hymns which is very sad, especially when you can hear the other churches yelling their songs.  They aren´t even true :( Music is so important in the church, it really is the most powerful way to invite the spirit I think.  

I don´t know what´s happened these past couple of weeks, but we really are going through some challenges.  We have had the best investigators I´ve ever had on my mission, people who really went through a little journey with us and we´ve noticed a change in the way they listen to us, in the way they pray and just their countenance.  But something is happening that has never happened to me before in Brasil, people are breaking up with us!! Usually we tell people we can´t pass by anymore until they keep their commitments, but now people are telling us not to come back and they have the exact same line and the same face.  Maria was ready to be baptized and told us she was ready and she knew we weren´t here to lie to her.  The next day she didn´t show up at church and she just told us ´I´m going to go to the closest church to my house, here on the corner.  Every church is true.  I had this revelation and I won´t be going anymore´´.  Diomar did the exact same thing, and Bella, and André.  They say the same thing. The churches in this area preach against us and I just have no idea who is getting to everyone or how... ugh.. the bottom line is that Satan is working very hard.  

It was walking back to church after talking to Maria that I just started to cry when I realized what Christ did for us.  He was the only perfect missionary.  He never did anything wrong.  And the people in their pride still thought they were right and they killed Him and His apostles, distorted the church.  But how did He leave His area?  He suffered for us, left us a path to follow to gain eternal life, and it wasn´t until 1800 years later that the gospel was restored to the earth again never to fall.  He did absolutely  every for us, and even when we mess up He is patient because He knows what it´s like to be us.  I love our Savior, and this week I have felt Him walking side by side with us.  Missions are not easy, and I know my Savior knows that very well and wants to stay at my side. 

Going back to goals, I really believe so strongly in praying for goals specifically.  This month our goal is really high, 8 baptisms with 3 men and 2 families.  This is the first goal we´ve really prayed for and I know God has at least this may elects prepared for us.  We are changing and improving a lot in our work because I and Sister Sciamm both know God is going to help this happen.  So far, we haven´t baptized the first week and we have no one for the second week.  Please pray for us to find these families, and to help our ward.

This wasn´t the happiest letter ever but I really am happy still.  I love my companion and this area really is full of super elect people who are prepared to receive our message.  Valdemir has a car now which is the best news in the world.  He told us it isn´t his car but the Lord´s car and he´s going to use it to bring investigators to church from Colinas.  He really is my favorite member in the world.  Gilvan and Rhayanne are doing awesome and we´re going to start working with more of their family starting with Ana Paula, Gilvan´s other daughter.   Miracles really are going to start happening.  And yeah, I´m still in Brasil and we´re all kind of cry babies about baptisms, but the expectation here simply is to baptize every week.  And that´s exactly what we plan to do.

I love you guys so much.  I love your letters and I always brag about my missionary family :)  Did you know next transfer is Mother´s Day?  I hope your Brasilian dinner is super fun, even though you´re celebrating the devil´s holiday ;) I hate Carnaval.  

The church is true, the atonement is real and Joseph Smith really saw God and Jesus Christ. 

Sister Moore

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