Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 26, 2014

Querida família batizadora,

I hope your call comes today!!  I´m so anxious to hear!  I promise I do read your letters even if I run out of time to respond to everything.  Congrats to Ryan and Ali!!!!  
It´s so sad to hear about Patriarch Brown.  He is truly a Celestial man, worthy and full of the spirit.  I read my blessing regularly and I believe he saw me here on my mission. Your musical number will be spectacular.  I´ve really learned on the mission how music invites the spirit and touches hearts,as he said in my blessing.  

Another transfer week!  I am just amazed at how the Lord knows us.  I am completely certain that our missions are made exactly for us and what we need to learn, and with obedience and faith we´ll learn all those lessons.  I get to stay here for another transfer with Sister Sciammarella and I am super happy about it.  I was actually in kind of funk when I found out I wasn´t training. My reaction actually surprised me and I realized I was looking at transfers like a cast list even though I knew that was completely the wrong attitude.  But really I just needed to humble myself, ask the Lord again if He was accepting my mission and just come back to earth.  The Lord knows I needed to learn this.  Especially with my companion now, who has been in over 40 shows and outside the mission is someone I´d be jealous of.  You know, it´s just so stupid.  It´s just not important how much someone else did or the things they have that you don´t.  We are all on this journey together and we all still need to be humble, repent and recognize the role of the atonement.  Sometimes the days where you´re just crying because the Lord had to break you down are the best, because He´ll only build you up afterward.

So yesterday, just minutes before the call for transfers (we got a call Monday about who would train) we had a lesson with a super elect couple, Carlos and Irlanda.  They received us so well, and are going to make cake and pudding for Sister Sciamm´s birthday on Saturday.  Yeah, it really is like that here haha.. Missão Celestial!  They are going to get baptized on the 9th, along with Neide and her two kids who called us over on the street afew weeks ago. Pray for themand keep praying for Maria, who couldn´t make it to church and has some family members who don´t like the church. Diomar sadly can´t be baptized yet because of some complicated issues in her life..

So we ALMOST had a miracle baptism, Bella on Sunday. We thought she lived in the Elder´s area but then we found out that she wasn´t and that she was waiting for us on Sunday.  She has already been to church once and said she´d be baptized THAT Sunday.  Sadly, Satan is working really hard on all of our super elect people and she of course has an anti mormon friend and we haven´t been able to talk to her because this friend is basically guarding her from us. Que chato.  Carnaval is this week.  Satan is working so hard on us, our investigators and just everyone right now for some reason. This transfer we really have resolved to be much more obedient with the little things.

Remember how every transfer I have an attribute of Christ?  This month is obedience.  I really love the theme for the youth this year ´Vinde a Cristo´. We really need to deny ourselves of ALL ungodliness, and the atonement will work in our lives to make us feel happy, peaceful and forgiven.  I love John chapters 14 and 15 when the Savior is talking to His disciples, giving them instruction.  A lot of the times we separate obedience and charity, but they are so related.  Particularly in 15:13-18 I love how the Savior calls us His friends if we do what He says.  He will never leave us.He knows, especially in missionary work, how hard it is.  But before the world hated us, they hated Him. The Savior´s love is so powerful in that scripture.  Just obey.  The Lord wants to take care of us.

It´s just another crazy week in Brasil, it´s super hot, we do use buses and it´s awful but not as bad as São Paulo or so I hear.  You just kind of spoon with everyone while the driver goes 70 mph on an unpaved road.  It´s cool.  This week was actually the first time we maxed out the bus where literally no more people could fit. I ate a chicken´s heart yesterday.  Bom de mais. I really don´t get to eat fun stuff like that very often, but one time Ialso ate a cow´s tail.  So random. it´s just all meat. Heart is better than liver.  Gross.

Well it´s time to get off the internet again.  I love you guys so much. I didn´t get my package yet but maybe tomorrow.  The church is still true, even in the week of Carnaval. I don´t even want to talk about Carnaval...

Um abração,

Sister Moore 

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