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February 3, 2014


You guys are such rock stars!  I´m so glad you both have so much enthusiasm about the work!  Not very missionaries can have the privilege of a whole family that´s strong in the church, let alone a family that really does understand because their doing it!  Full-time missionaries AND members need to consecrate themselves more.  Just think on what it means to give all of your time, talents and possessions to do the will of the Lord.  He loves you and the more you learn to trust Him, the more freely He will pour out blessings you never even thought were possible!  Your mission will be exactly what you need.

So this week was incredible.  Ask and ye shall receive!!!  Since we moved our focus to families, the Lord answered our prayers and we found the most SUPER elect family that ever lived.  We contacted Helena, the grandma, first, who was sitting outside her son´s house.  I asked her what we does on Sundays and she said ´´I go to the hospital and visit the sick´´, so I shared Mosiah 18 with her and she accepted the invitation to be baptized the 9th.  So we went inside and met her son, Pedro, his wife Marinalva, their 9 and 2 year-old sons Douglas and Jorge Enrique.  THEY ALL ACCEPTED BAPTISM ON THE 9TH.  Except for Jorge Enrique because he´s 2.. Pedro´s sister Joanadarque was also there but she said she couldn´t go to church because she´s already Evangelical.

So we come back the next morning and it´s just Joanadarque taking care of Jorge.  We came in and chatted with her and said she had been hoping for a very long time that her brother´s family would start going to a church.  She then said that she likes to visit other churches but the Evangelical church puts you in a disciplinary chair if they found out you went to another church and the ´missionaries´ there chastise you.  (that explained SOOOOOO MUCH about SO many people) But she told us she still would go to church with her family.  

That night we came back to teach everyone and it was like nothing I´ve ever seen in Brasil.  This may not seem like a big deal, but they all came and participated, turned off the TV, everyone stayed in the room, and they LISTENED.  We talked about the first principles of the gospel and about the atonement and the Spirit was there so strong and every single member of the family was totally getting it, everything they said showed they were prepared.  There was a moment when Pedro was saying how he needed the guide of the spirit to help him raise his family and he was so excited when we told him about the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I just couldn´t believe this family.  Still can´t.  He told us he knew God sent us here to help his family and his wife told us she wanted us to come back to their house if we visit Brasil after the mission.

I KNOW. MISSIONARY WORK SHOULDN´T EVEN BE LIKE THIS BUT IT IS!! So Sunday morning came and unfortunately Pedro and Marinalva had to stay and take care of sick Jorge, but Helena, Joanadarque and Douglas came and LOVED church.  This whole family is getting baptized, guys.  The church is true.

I´ve learned so many things this transfer already, but one is that we need to focus on the people who can be baptized now.  It seems at time a little rigid, but with Marcos´ brother Sandro, he´s just not ready right now.  We know he will get baptized and that this is what he needs, but he needs to take the first steps and go to church and keep his commitments.  Just look at the families who are out there waiting NOW!  That´s how this mission works.  You just have to have faith, follow the spirit, and you will never know what your influence will be on members, companions and just people who watch you pass by.  Even if you don´t see the results now, or even if you never know, the best missionary work you can do is always just being like Christ.  You never know what members you inspired, what investigators you prepared that never progressed but will be found again someday.  I just know I want to love my mission, be remembered by every ward, and just enjoy being a part of the best mission in the world!  

I hope I get to stay in this ward for a long time.  I feel like I just got here and we only have three more weeks.  I noticed that people in this ward are a lot more musical.  I had the idea to start a choir, which received sudden and unexpected support.  One of the counselors announced it at the pulpit while I was sitting up front to play the piano and he was very excited and a few members looked at me and smiled who I know will participate.  I´ll let you know how it goes :)  Apparently they had one in the past but they stopped.  This ward needs to get excited and united!!  And I must say, ward choir director was a calling that really worked out for me :)  

I feel like I have SO much more to tell you, about our crazy ward mission leader Valdemir who´s going to baptize the world (or make everyone afraid of the Mormons) and Gabí, a recent convert who wants to serve a mission and is so excited to have Sisters, but I guess I have eternity to tell you all about it!  Just know I´m super stoked, I´m finally feeling completely better now, our house only doesn´t have water sometimes but taking showers with water bottles or rain is cool, I´m really used to cockroaches now, and my calf muscles are awesome.  

I love you all so much!!  You are such batizadores.  That´s really embarrassing about the Broncos.

Um abração,

Sister Moore

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