Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Queridíssima Família!
BATISMO!!  So for some reason I can´t post the picture but this week we baptized G.  We found him a few weeks ago and didn´t really think much of it when he didn´t come to church and we couldn´t even find where he lived.  But the next week we talked to his daughter, R, who said she wanted to come to church and she took us to his house, where he was drinking but said that for sure he would come to church and bring his daughter with him.  They came to church the next week and when we talked to them after a few days, G told us that he stopped drinking right after church and used to drink every day.  With just a few lessons he just completely turned into the most elect person EVER, just ready to change his life and obey the commandments.  The plan was to baptize them both together but the day of R was too scared so this week we´re passing every day with members to help her feel more ready.  But she did go into the interview and knows everything is true!  Pray for her!
So we aren´t exactly sure what happened with P´s family and it´s really frustrating and sad. Sister Sciammarella wasn´t even with me because she was doing divisions when we found them, so I just feel like a crazy person.  But I know this family really is elect, we just have a challenge in front of us.  Remember how I said that J´s church has missionaries that come and take disciplinary action for visiting other churches?  Well I guess that happened because we´ve gone to their house with just her at home and she won´t even open the door, has hung up in my face, and is just being sooo weird.  Obviously someone told her to do this and it´s awful because she loved church and was so excited to go and for her family to go.  Pray for that family too..
Basically, we had three families marked to be baptized on my birthday and Saturday all three fell and it was kind of a sad day.  One family, I´s, I am not sure about because they might just want to talk to Americans.  N´s family is legit but she got really sick so she just needs to get better.  They are really cool and she called US on the street last week. 
So I do have a really cool story this week.  We were walking down the street one day, one we always use, and we both just stop and look into this little alleyway leading to a little favela (there´s a lot of those little roads).  Without even saying anything we just turn into that road and head straight for a door at the end of the road.  There we found D, and at first I thought this was just a typical favela family, they were all smoking. But when we told her about the gospel and baptism, she just started crying and told us she wants to be baptized, but she has this addiction that´s killing her (throwing her cigarette on the ground as she said this).  This woman recognized us right away as representatives of Christ and I have never felt like that in a lesson.  She just has this spirit about her that is so humble and just wants and needs help.  We came back to her house and she had gotten sick with a fever and headache and told us the sickness made her lose her desire to smoke, though she still smoked four cigarettes that day. 

She didn´t come to church but we came back yesterday with Marcos.  We talked to her about faith and how her faith in Christ can heal her, then Marcos gave her a blessing.  The blessing ended and she had tears in her eyes,  then, unexpectedly, she ran outside and we could hear her throwing up violently.  My companion and I just looked at eachother at first like, crap, we killed her.  Then Marcos told us he´d seen that before and that she´ll never smoke again, all of the bad was leaving her body.  She came back inside and she just said ``I will be baptized on the 23rd´´
The church is true, guys.  I´m already out of time.  Tonight we have a party at Valdemir´s, so I´m sure we´ll have pictures and stories .  We saw a dinosaur!!  It was a monitor lizard with yellow polka dots and was the coolest thing EVER.  The choir isn´t working out yet but it will... oh yeah I SPOKE IN CHURCH. haha I love this ward so much.  I could stay here the rest of my mission. 
I love you all so much and am so proud of your missionary work.  Remember, when you´re a worthy missionary, all of your thoughts are the spirit, so FOLLOW it.  I love your letters!
Até o proximo!
Sister Moorezinha

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