Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014

Querida Família,

This has truly been one of the best weeks of my life, and I hope this letter does it justice.  It comes with pictures!  Baptisms, Mission Tour, and Birthday!

Gilvan´s baptism last Sunday.  Super elect.

Bahaha.. Family night with Valdemir, our ward mission leader.  He really likes to talk about the temple with everyone he meets and yell over the pulpit like an evangelical pastor during testimony meeting.  But that was a quality family night.  He BURNED those neighbors of his for not being members.. oh Valdemir.. him and his always open shirt.  We know you´ve been to the temple.  This picture pretty much explains it. 

 Se algum de vós tem falta de agua, peça a Deus, quem da liberalmente

Rain means a baptism is coming soon..

Rhayanne, Gilvan´s daughter, was baptised Friday after Mission Tour.   She is super shy but she we saw in her Book of Mormon that she was marking EVERYTHING and writing her testimony in it.  The best part of teaching her is her prayers.  After not even being sure she´s getting it, she says in her prayer ´´thank you for sending me my new best friends and for showing me this path.  I know that this is true´´

I LOVE her and she already wants help with personal progress and she´s been reading for the strength of youth.  it feels so good to know we really arecompletely changing her path.  LOVE her 
Yes, this ward loves me.  Janine,  the RS Pres, threw this ´´missionary work meeting´´ yesterday for me!  I´ve never even had a suprise party before haha it was so cute.  She made that Barbie cake and it had sparkles and everything and the inside was this crazy checker thing with strawberry, chocolate and vanilla cake.  So yes, I´m being more than taken care of.  We ate pizza that Janine also made and drank Guarana and sang hymns so I´d say it was a good birthday.  

So the only thing I was really lame about and didn´t take pictures was mission tour, which was AMAZING.  Presidente Fernandes, an area seventy, came and talked to our whole mission and it was all exactly what we needed to hear.  I got to see Sister Seal again and she gave me the sweetest birthday card ever that really made me realize all the miracles we´ve seen, along with horrible and sad things we´ve gotten through together.  She´s an incredible missionary.  I can´t believe how easy the Lord has been on my so far with companions.  I also saw Sister Jones, who I haven´t seen since the CTM because her zone is WAY out there and they never come to anything.  She´s speaking Portuguese so well and it makes me so happy.  

The treinamento that Presidente Fernandes gave totally renewed all my pride in our mission.  It is so cool that we get to be here.  Our mission is amazing.  It´s the first time I´ve seen all of us all together.  At the beginning he asked if anyone knows how to play piano and Sister Sciamm points at me and it was so terrifying but it was super awesome playing for everyone.  I´ve learned how to improvise hymns with broken chords so I made it a little special.  Then I got to play all the hymns we sang at the meeting.  My little moment of fame... the best was playing called to serve for everyone.  If you´re tired of that hymn you´re tired of life.

So another transfer next week.  I can´t even believe it.  When I don´t write next Monday, it doesn´t mean I died haha..  I pretty much know I´m going to stay in this ward, but I doubt I´ll stay with Sister Sciamm because it´s just been too easy haha.  She is going to be a mission presidents wife someday and she is just the cutest person ever.  Her family´s story is super cool.  Her dad was actually born in São Paulo but moved to the US as a little kid.  Her Grandpa was a super drunk, smoking gambler who approached two young men on a crowded São Paulo bus to ask why they were dressed so nicely.  He ended being baptized and moving to the US and later in his life he made suits for THOMAS S MONSON.  YEAH.  I thought that was the coolest story ever.  Sister Sciammarella is going to be my hairdresser forever after the mission and she´s also gonna show me all the secrets of Disneyland cause she´s a pro.  I really scored big time with this companion.  She´s really been what I needed to learn that the mission really is fun and you don´t need to be stressed out to please the Lord.  She is so humble.  It´s been such a good transfer and I can´t wait for what the Lord has planned for me now. 
So for this week we have Diomar´s baptism to pray for.  She´s doing miraculously well with quitting smoking, came to church with her granddaughter and is very excited to be baptized.  We also have another possible baptism, Maria.  She wants to see a baptism before getting baptized but she wants to keep going to church and she definitely felt the spirit.  Well, the Restoration video has a baptism ;)

Well you guys, the church is true.  Keep the commandments and Satan has no power over you.  I have really felt an outpouring of love from my Heavenly Father this week and I´m so honored to be His daughter.  Christ lives and this is His church.  Mom and Dad, I hope you get your mission calls this week!  I love our family so much.  One day we can take a picture with all of us and our nametags :)

Com amor e beijinhos,

Sister Moore

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