Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25, 2014, Corn Pudding, Popcorn, Corn Cake, Corn Juice, Fried Corn and TRANSFERS‏

Querida Família!!

So much to write about this week and I already wasted half of my time trying to send pictures... well two worked out in the end so I hope you like them.  It´s me painting the street (for the World Cup) and Gaby watching the game with us.

I´m finally out of the ghetto and was transfered to Ipés!!!  It´s in the João Pessoa stake and is the richest area I´ve been in, but is far from the richest in the stake. We have a view of the city and I feel close to the beach.  So far it´s just a tender mercy.  Our house is super nice, everything´s close, it´s a good ward and we live IN our area.  I feel like a huge weight has been listed off my shoulders.  I´m companions with Sister Christensen who I already lived with for 4 months, and I love her.  She has the same amount of time on the mission as me and it´s just gonna be a party :)  Speaking of parties...

It´s been a week of festas... São João, festival of corn, accordian music, bonfires and drunk people, all going on at the same time as the Copa.  It´s at least a little more family oriented than Carnaval, and we had a really cool ward party that 5 investigators came to!  It was a miracle and a lot of fun.  There was a live band of three blind men playing drum, accordian and triangle.  I took some pretty great videos and a few pictures, but sending pictures is AGONY.

Monday we watched the game WAY out in this farm in the middle of nowhere.  It was raining. A LOT.  But they gave us clothes to change into and blankets and I got to watch the game cuddling with their kitten.  Right at home :)  DId you watch that game against Camaroon?  I think their only goal was to kill Neymar Jr haha... Did you know that Hulk is from João Pessoa?  Haha I already feel like Brasil´s team is like my family.  Sou brasileira.

But it was a good finish in Colinas.  Sister Johnson will take good care of my converts and start a scripture study group out in the part of the area where it´s harder for people to come to church.  We were teaching some really great people, including a couple that´s planning to get married who have a car and are SUPER ELECT.  I honestly feel the ward is stronger than it was, I gave it all my heart and soul, and now I can take a deep breath and start fresh.  

It seems like you guys are always doing something cool, I liked the pictures and got a little jealous :)  But the mission is FLYING by.  I will already be here a year this transfer.  You only have today to give your best, tomorrow it´s over.  I´m taking more pictures these days, just sending them is a nightmare..

But this transfer I just really want to laugh harder, love everyone, and trust the Lord that if I do my best, my mission will be a success.  I´ve learned a whole lot about the enabling power of the atonement.  We can´t always pray for our circumstances to change, but for strength to change or make the most of our circumstances.  I´ve felt lifted spiritually, physically and emotionally above my own capacity in Colinas do Sul.  

I love you all so much and I hope you all have an awesome week!  


Sister Moore

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