Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014


I love getting emails individually from everyone!  They really help me more than you guys know.
This last week took our mission for a bit of a turn when President told us we need to be working 50% proselyting and 50% with less-active members.  A lot of people are doubting this plan, but I know it was inspiration and I´ve always felt strongly about rescuing the lost sheep.  I love the story in Clayton Christensen´s book about the ward that began asking the good shepherd´s question ´´who didn´t come today?´´ The members all visited these people each Sunday and when they had reactivated almost everyone, the question became ´´which of my NON member friends isn´t here who should be?´´  The way we´re working with these people is by telling them that the church needs THEM, and not how they need the church.  And it´s so true, when we serve others, we really learn so much more about Christ.  We need to teach the weak to be the leaders!

We have a new relief society president, Irmã Nely, a choice I was very happy about.  She is my mom of Colinas do Sul and lives close to almost all of my converts way out in Colinas.  We went to Janaina and Luzia´s house to invite them to family night at her house when Janaina told us that she´d already passed by, and had also passed by Maria´s house.  You have no idea how much that meant to me.  It´s awesome to know that these people I love are on the Relief Society President´s mind.  I feel like all the experiences lately have been a lot of preparation for serving in the RS.  The Lord is expecting a whole lot more from his servants these days!  

Yesterday an investigator who lives WAY out there, Girlande, came with Valdemir and Odaci by bus.  He´s a little iffy about baptism still, but it´s been three weeks and he still came to church, so he really wanted to come.  His wife died in childbirth 6 months ago and so he lives with his sister in law and her husband who take care of the baby while he works.  Pray for him, he´s really a neat guy who needs the gospel badly.  

We have a family with potential who hasn´t come to church, but the dad, Thiago, went to church as a little kid and was really excited to go again.  They have a car and I really feel they could be our elect family.  We really just have to MEET the family but Thiago doesn´t even know where he lives (did I ever tell you the streets in Colinas don´t have names?) so we´ve only talked to him while he was working on his mother-in-law´s house.  But hey, someone to pray for.  

But everything´s going well.  The choir is... an experience to work with :)  Yesterday a monkey ate a banana out of my hand.  The monkeys here are just the cute tiny black and white ones with crazy old man hair.  One had a baby the size of my finger on it´s back. awww..  good to see my cousins here in Brasil ;)

I love you all so much!  You are all amazing missionaries and examples to me!  Até mais!

Scripture of this week is D&C 78:17-19; Be of good cheer!!!  When you´re grateful, the Lord will want to bless you more!

Com amor e carinho,

Sister Moore

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