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December 29, 2014

Querida família,

I hope you all are enjoying being home and reflecting on the memories and lesson learned on the mission.  There really is a different kind of love you feel for people on the mission, and it´s because of the work and sacrifice you do for them.  When I get home we can all cry together about sucky normal person life.  Our Christmas Conference was basically all about how after the mission you have to continue to progress spiritually, bringing all you´ve learned into real life.  There´s no such thing as a break, you haven´t paid your dues to the church or the Savior.  Mission is a boot camp for the real challenges ahead.  

It was great to see you guys, even though I was in a house full of really loud Brazilians.  It was better when my companion was talking to her family.  She´s doing a great job adjusting and is really helpful.  It seems she always remembers the things I forget and always has insights about the work and lots of motivation to keep working hard.  

Jonathan was baptized Sunday and he looked sooo happy coming out of the water.  He really opened up a lot more during the week and is super funny and wants to serve a mission.  I love his sister too, Paula, who we reactivated.  She´s the only person I´ve met in Brazil who plays Zelda Majora´s Mask.  They are so cool, like I would best friends with them outside the mission.  I know they´re gonna help so much with references and teaching with us.  

Did I tell you already about Deleon and Juliana?  Well, they broke up and Deleon moved to Mamanguape, which means he won´t be there to argue with us in our lessons and we can baptize Juliana and her kids!!  It was seriously a miracle.  He took the Book of Mormon in English and Portuguese with him so hopefully he´ll read and gain a testimony someday.  Juliana is good friends with Paula and Jonathan, so they´ll help her a lot.  Right now she´s a little hesitant about baptism but she keeps the commandments and all we need is one really good spiritual lesson with her.  Pray for her and her kids, Ikaro and Isaac.  

Funny story.  We cleaned out our house and threw out a ton of books that no one will ever use and left them on the corner where they collect the trash.  So Felipe, who lives close by, saw Preach my Gospel on the ground and saw that it was from the church and took it home to start reading.  He just asked us ´´Do you guys have like a guidebook?´´ and then pulls out PMG.  We marked a part for him to read about Eternal Marriage and challenged him to ask Paula on a date because they´re perfect for each other.  I think we´re allowed to do that?  Either way he accepted our challenge.  hehehe..  We told the Branch President we´d help get everyone in the branch married.  Trunky.  

My AP´s are Elder Morais and Elder Alves. What´s the name of the missionary who knows one of them?

 Everything´s going great in the Cidade Enoque.  I don´t want to say goodbye, but I´m excited to see you all, especially Lucy. Show her pictures of me so she doesn´t forget who I am.  I love you all so much!  Have a great 2015!!

Um abraço,

Sister Moore

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