Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2014, Last Email from Brazil!


I can´t believe I´m going to see you all in a week.  It just doesn´t seem right still, but I really am sooo excited to see you. 

I am such a believer in end of the mission miracles.  First the miracle of the lost keys.  So we lost our keys and we were all thinking for a minute that we´d be locked out all night and sleep in the woods.  We asked around to know where we could find a locksmith and everyone was telling us we wouldn´t be able to get anyone at that hour.  But we went over to the locksmith´s shop and the guy in the dog food shop next to it was closing up.  He told us the locksmith was closed but he knew where he lived so he went on his motorcycle to get him. They came back and while the locksmith was getting his stuff from the shop we invited the other guy, Tony, to go to church and marked to teach him the next day.  Well, we got back into our house, we have new locks and keys, and Tony brought his two brothers to church with him and they´re ALL THREE getting baptized on the 18th!  They had already been taught before and were just waiting for others to find them.  They live in a place where we never would have found them, so the disappearing keys brought a huge miracle.

Before Sunday the rest of the week was going super rough, lots of problems with less actives and just sad things.  And we never found Ronaldo that whole week who still needed to be confirmed.  I cried on Saturday when we passed by and he wasn´t there again.  It was just a rotten Saturday.  But Sunday rolled around and Tony and his brothers, Neto and Augosto were there.  Then, in the middle of Gospel Principles, RONALDO showed up!   And was confirmed :)  He is so crazy but I love him.  It was such a miracle.  

Paula yesterday asked me if I had to go back to the US and I told her yes, even if I wanted to stay, I can´t because of my visa.  So then she´s like ´´But you can marry Jonathan and stay!´´  haha.. I dunno, maybe you won´t be seeing me next week ;)  
I think she was joking... 

It´s gonna be an amazing week.  Today we´re gonna go on a hike with some of our recent converts.  I hope Sister Bunch gets to stay here, but with 18 Sisters leaving and 4 arriving, a lot´s gonna change.  A lot of wards are gonna get angry next week, everyone likes sisters more than elders :p 

I have no regrets at all about serving a mission.  I was never a perfect missionary and I´m still not, but I´ve learned so much about trusting the Lord and I´ve gained an unshakeable testimony of the Savior and the Book of Mormon.  I love this gospel so much and I´m excited to apply it to the real world.  I want to always live up to the way my converts see me now. I´ll miss Brazil so much.  Maybe someday we can all come back here.  Have an awesome week.  I love you all so much.

com todo o meu coração,

Sister Moore 

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