Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013

Today we got to go to the Campinas Temple which is BEAUTIFUL!!  I feel like we really got to see a lot of Brasil finally, like the jungle mountains and the favelas and everything.  There is an incredible view from the back of the temple.  I wish I could take more pictures but we are only allowed to have our cameras inside the CTM on P-day. 
I wrote Myles a letter that he probably won't get on time but I am sooo happy for him.  He is making the best decision of his life and I know for a fact that the atonement is real and with faith in Christ we can heal all pain, worries, anxieties and fears.  The Lord blesses you with such a love for people when you are called as a missionary.  It is only a fraction of the love God has for His children.  Trust in His plan, He really knows what He is doing. 
Writing is so stressful because of the time limit and the line of people waiting plus I forgot my paper with everything I wrote down that I was going to include in my letter.  Guarana Zero is in fact a thing and I drink it every day in the Refeitorio.  The food lately has actually been really good.  We have new Brasilhera roommates, one of them speaks English and they are so cute.  Everyone here is learning Portugues, there are just A LOT of South American Hispanics because they can actually get their visas.  My roommate Sister De Oliveira told me they eat sheep stomachs in Joao Pessoa, but only on really special occasions :) 
Eu emo estando no CTM! Este messagem esta por meu Pai.  Oi!  Eu posso ensinar em Portugeus.  No sei como falar para conversacao(?) mas o meio de ensinar aqui e marvilhosa.  Eu entendi muitas frases de evangelho.  Portugues e o melhor idioma no MUNDO!!  Eu amo voce, ei estarei sempre sua pequina menina!  
I feel the friends I've made here will be with me my whole life.  That first Elder we met, Elder Wood, totally gets me and we both watched sharknado as our last movie and we play the same video games.  Sister Christoffersen is so cute, she went to Missouri State and was ENGAGED before her mission.  I wish i had time to tell you more about everyone in the district but I really love everyone and I feel like I have a family here.  There's even a senior missionary who loves giving "mom hugs" in my branch, so don't worry about me getting enough love here.
Brasil e um lugar muito bonita!  Eu sei que eu vou amor as pessoas de Joao pessoa. 
I love you all soooo much!
Ciao ciao!! 
Sister Moore

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