Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 7, 2013

Meu quieras paies!!
The picture you got is of my district and the CTM President, President Degn and his wife.  Sister Jones (from Blanding Utah, my companion, is the native american sister, and I room with Sister Christofferson (the blonde one, she is switching from vocal performance as well! from Arkansas) and Sister Willette (from Pennsylvania, curly brown hair).  We are all going to Joao Pessoa along with Elder Sprouse, the shorter blonde Elder.  I love my district so much!!  We have so much fun and we have a really funny Brasilian instructor named Irmao Allan.  I can tell he loves us very much.  Not everything is in Portuguese.  I actually attended the temple today and it was in Spanish because we went with two Spanish districts. The video was the same but that's so crazy there's a new one.  The temple in Sao Paulo is BEAUTIFUL!! You do learn VERY fast here.  On the first full day, we had to teach an "investigator" in Portuguese.  On week 3 we actually proselyte in the streets!! 
The spirit here is amazing.  The spirit allows you to learn so much so quickly.  Each day I'm not sure if I can accomplish all that is expected but then it just happens.  We are always told the MTC's are the second most holy place on earth next to the temple.  It really feels different.  They also emphasize obedience and the fact that you only need to have one convert, YOURSELF.  We watched that amazing devotional by Elder Holland from 2010 last night and I realized that even though I'm a Sister, I am called to represent the church and live up to everything that implies 100% of the time.  God is helping us SO much every step of the way!
I can't tell you much about Brasil considering we are just in one building all the time and it's a pretty American building.  They feed us A LOT of meat and there's no choices of what to eat so you just take whatever mystery food they have.  The desserts are always some kind of pudding or mousse and the texture is ALWAYS a suprise.  It really is unbelievable that I can sit down and talk to Brasilians when I eat with them.  But what's even cooler is that the time when it's easiest to find the Portugese words I want is always when I'm teaching and can feel the spirit.  It is still REALLY hard though and some people in my district get discouraged. Spanish really helps a lot with grammar.  I'm not picking it up the fastest, but not the slowest, and they tell you a lot to NEVER compare yourself to anyone else.
Anyway, I'm loving it here!  This week went fast! 
I love you guys so much.  Is Molly dead yet? :'(  Our branch president told us by Christmas we will have a hard time speaking English on the phone.  Your prayers really must be helping me a lot because all I have felt here is love from my Savior and I haven't even come close to a breakdown.  Can't wait for your next letter!  Next week I will write a paragraph in Portugese for Dad to translate :)
Sister Moore

Sao Paulo Brazil Temple

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