Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Oi abencoados!!
This was kind of a tougher week for the work.  We received a list of inactives from the bishop the other day and it was just the saddest thing in the world sitting there as he went through all of the names individually and it took SO long and we just can tell he is so tired.  I think he´s been bishop a long time and he really is tired of the acummilating membros afastados.  Mostly it made me think about President Monson telling us to rescue, so that´s gonna be my new word for the next transfer: RESGATAR!  President Costa of the 70 specifically promised our mission that for every reactivation we´ll have a baptism.  It´ll definitely be hard and a lot of people will waste our time, but I know that´s what Brasil needs.
The best part of this week was seeing some of Sister Seal´s recent converts REALLY change, especially Eduardo.  He is so funny and I was really annoyed with him the first time we met because he started drinking again and stopped going to church right fter baptism.  But he saw the bishop finally and since then he actually has repented and it´s the coolest thing in the world.  He even brought a friend to church and gives us the best references.  He even did street contacts with us a couple of times all decked out like a missionary with his book of mormon, bible and pamphlets.  It´s so funny and adorable.  He´s one of the ones with no teeth who I just assumed was crazy but he really gives me hope for all the people here.  One day we´ll meet everyone as resurrected children of God and in that sense we´re all equal.  I always try to remember that now before I pass someone by.

The worst thing this week is that both of my baptisms still aren´t confirmed..  Cleonice is traveling because her son is very sick but Antonio suddenly has to work every Sunday after telling us he doesn´t work.  It is just so stressful feeling like you´ve baptized someone who won´t even come long enough to get confirmed.  Cleonice is very strong and I´m not as worried but I just don´t know if Antonio was ever telling us the truth.  I guess that´s just agency.  The other thing that happened this week is that Dagna´s baptism fell through.  It was because her son has Denge but it was still really sad, we had the font all ready and she didn´t call us or anything.  She is still my favorite investigator that we have.  She feels the spirit so strongly and is so willing to change to follow the church.  She even brought her son to an activity and was actively trying to make friends.  Hopefully her baptism isn´t postponed for too long.  Satan has a way of getting to people.  I´m just praying for her son, he´s only 6 and the thought of him with Denge is the saddest thing ever.

Time is FLYING.  I can´t believe my first tranfer is almost over. There is a good chance I´ll be training next week.  No one knows!  Here they don´t tell you about tranfers until 9 the night before.  I´m really good no matter what happens, I would like to finish my own training, but if I have to train it will a great learning experience.  I would really love to have a Brasilian companion.  The language really is coming well though.  I love talking to all the members.  There really are some special families.  One couple just seems like they could be a part of our family, the way their little house is decorated and their sense of humor.  That picture I sent was from Sister Seal´s birthday where our ward pretty much threw a surprise party.  It was so funny.  I just love them.

I still don´t understand exactly how to use family history to do missionary work but that sounds really interesting.  We teach people so fast I think the temple might overwhelm them, but it would be great to teach the recent converts.  I think when I get home I really want to get more into family history.  I can for sure take a class at BYU on it.  WOO HOO!!!  I haven´t thought about it too much, but I still think history is what I´m supposed to do.  

That´s funny that Michael works at a pretzel shop.  Tell him he needs to go on a mission :)

Bishop Glenn really was a special bishop.  Keep helping the missionaries!!  They need it!!  I´m so glad we are a missionary family.  We´ve been talking a lot about the second coming in our apartment, and how we think the prophet at some point will make an announcement to move all the saints to the mountains.  It´s not doctrine, but I´ve just been thinking a lot about how I wouldn´t be suprised if the faithful had a test like that in the last days.  If the prophet one day made an announcement to leave everything behind and go somewhere, would we do it?  The second coming is just the most interesting thing in the world to study, and we´re told to be watchful right?  

I love you all so much!!  Time is going by too fast here!  Christmas is only in like 10 more weeks!  Haha trunky moment.  

Feliz Anniversario Pai!  Eu mandou uma carta, mas nao recebera no tempo certo :(  Nao temos um correio em nossa area.  Mas, eu espero que tenha um dia MARVILHOSA!!!  Eu sinto saldades de voce! Mesmo que voce e um pouco doido a veces.  Amo voce!

Com besos e abracos,

Sister Moore

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