Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 7, 2013

Sister Johnson and Sister Moore with Brazilian Kittens

No baptisms but here´s some kittens!!  

"Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." Elder Uchtdorf  That quote was the same one  me and my companion decided was the quote of the conference. I don´t know what it is, but I can see Elder Scott being the next prophet.  I just feel a lot of love in his voice when he speaks.   Conference just makes me realize how important families are in the plan of salvation and how the world cannot change eternal truths.  It is so evident here in Brasil where almost every home doesn´t has a father figure or people are just living together.  Marriage is just not valued here because it is expensive. 

One of the speakers said something along the lines of ``how would you feel if someone made a committment every week and never kept it?" and I just started laughing because that is  my life every day.  We are a covenant making people and that is where our blessings come from.  We have to hold up our part and LIVE our beliefs.

Natal means Christmas,  I´ll give you my Anniversario list later ;)  I could buy a watch,  but we only use our little allowance from the mission  that pretty much covers food bus and email..   it´s all good though.  Comfortable, durable shoes aren´t really a thing here.  Just stilettos and flip flops.
A couple of families asked me to sing during lessons, but I don´t have a lot of Portuguese hymns memorized.  I guess I could carry around my little Hino.  Transfers are coming  up so maybe I´ll sing in church again.  Music really does invite the Spirit.  I really do want to be in the MoTab choir someday if I can.  They really make conference what it is.

My President is Presidente Nogueira.  We didn´t find anyone to baptize that day but Sister Johnson and Willette did which was funny and awesome because they had been struggling a lot.  He was a pretty crazy guy but at least he was at conference.    We have a washing machine and we hang our clothes outside on our little caged in patio thing.  P-days we pretty much email, shop and sleep.  Nothing really great.  But some members got us two pizzas  so it´s gonna be a party!  We make no-bakes pretty much every day.  For conference I made french toast for everyone. 

I´m making it a life goal to make my kids look forward to conference like Christmas.   As a missionary it really is like Christmas.  Two whole days of sitting down and four opportunities to have people in church.  We had Dagna at the first session. She is one of my favorites but she´s progressing slowly because she´s actually sane.  She has a really cute 6-year-old son  who pays attention to every meeting and is really smart.  That really is rare..  Brasilian children are generally not well behaved.  You can hear it from outside the schools. Another one of our investigators does nothing but stay home all day with three awful grandchildren, like I´m not going to lie, they are so annoying.  They don´t wear clothes and they just scream  in all our lessons and I feel so bad for their poor Grandma. Another reason the traditional family is so important.  Those parents are never there.

I definitely don´t have time to talk about all our people because there are SO many and you never know who will actually keep commitments.  Things are still going great!  I love Brasil and I will try not to come home on a mobility scooter from being too fat.     I think we walk enough that it won´t happen :)  I am just so glad I am here learning all the things I´m learning. A mission is the biggest blessing in the world.

I love you and am praying for Longmont!  Keep being good missionaries!  You are doing exactly what all members should be doing and it´s so awesome!!!

Muito amor,
Sister Moore

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