Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013

Oi familia!

Transfer weeks we have p-day on Wednesday, sorry I forgot to tell you!  It feels like a lifetime since  I wrote last.  I´m in the same area with the same companion which is really a  good thing just a little anticlimactic..  haha but really this a great area and we still have TONS of work to do and things we need to change.  I´m also glad I don´t have to train, it really only happened as a last resort because more Sisters were coming in than were in the field and able to train.  I´m really sad that Sister Johnson got transferred, but she got her dying wish and got transferred.  Her area and companion were NOT working for her at all and something had to give.  Sister Willette is getting a new trainer which is crazy  and we´ll meet her today.  I think she´ll be Brasilian.                  
Dagna didn´t get baptized because she doesn't want to have any doubts.  It´s so frustrating because she KNOWS it´s true and is SO ready.  Her son Gustavo is feeling better now.    At least she still says she wants to go to church and live the commandments, so I believe she´ll get there.  We´re going to watch  the longer Joseph Smith movie with her because that really makes it click for people .  The lesson we learned is to listen to our leaders,  they told us to remark the baptism immediately because once a baptism falls once it´s really hard to get back.  We were thrilled to see her back in church through.. and she brought her Sister!! 

Speaking of... we had EIGHT investigators in church!!!  That is a huge deal.  We have one family, but the parents need to get married.  Then we had Paulo, this super cool guy from Portugal, Dson who we didn´t even remember inviting to church, and Eduarda, a 15-year girl who came with a recent convert!  The awesome thing about Eduarda is that we found her family yesterday. It was insane finding a normal family, all together at home, and the one who was the most interested was the DAD!!  We are praying that he will lead his whole family in being baptised together.  They have three teenage daughters.  It is amazing how much I´ve come to appreciate the ideal home, because you never see it here.  Now all that home needs is the gospel and the priesthood!  We´re going to read the Family Proc and I´m so pumped.  Praying with them altogether gave me such a good feeling.  It´s something  I don´t think many missionaries think about in the rush to get people baptized in two weeks,  but I really want to invite everyone to pray and read scriptures as a family, to receive an answer together as well as individually.  Teaching the gospel to your children I think is the most important duty we have in this life.  Or one of them.. converts are amazing but the way children just trust and believe and love makes the home the ideal place to learn.  

I am still feeling sick to my stomach about our converts who aren´t confirmed.  Cleonice is coming home tonight and I´m just praying she doesn´t have a mountain of work to do that will stop her from coming to church.  She is really firm though, but I´m glad we get to see her again. Antonio is another story.. by far the worst thing that happened this week.   Long story short, he doesn´t want to keep the law of chastity and doesn´t want to be confirmed.  All I can think is that I´m grateful God is in charge.  I was just reading in doctrine in covenants about someone who willingly broke their covenants because  they fell to the pressure of the world and Satan tempted them right away.  But God will do what is good for all of His children.   It definitely was a sickening experience that I hope I never have to repeat.                       

I´m praying for Aunt Nancy!  I almost had a heart attack reading that but I´m glad they caught it early!  Mom, you are an awesome missionary.  I´m not sure if it works in the states like it works here, but with catholics you could always  just pull out a picture of Christ´s baptism and explain immersion, age of account ability and priesthood authority  :)  Haha I don´t think I´d be able to teach in English.  It´s just so different here.  If they don´t accept baptism the first contact, they aren´t a new investigator. 

So everything´s  pretty good , I´m happy to be staying and finishing my training.  This ward is really special and I am excited to start a new transfer.  I´ve survived the 7 plagues of our apartment, mosquitos, ants, lizards, frogs, cockroaches,  wasps and SHOWER WORMS.  Other than that.. we´re surviving.  

There just is never a boring day in a place where everyone wants to stop you in the street and tell you their life story.   One couple rejected the invitation to go to church but still fed us cake.. people are so insane here haha It´s a lot of fun though.  Sometimes at night I feel like I live in Tortuga with bars on every street but encounters with drunks have only been funny.  We do avoid it though so don´t worry  :)  It´s just a different world.  

It is a blessing to be here and every day I´m learning what it means to be your own best convert.    As you become the kind of missionary the Lord wants, that will change who you are forever, and baptisms are just a consequence.  The Gospel has to become a part of every fiber of your being, every word reflecting in your actions.

I love you all so much!  Have a fun Halloween!  Send me pictures of the dinner!

Sister Moore  

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