Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sister Cavalcani and Sister Moore, Santa Rita, Brazil
 Querida família!

I´m so glad Dad got to baptize someone.  That´s so awesome :)  I brag about you guys all the time you know.  Thanks for the emails everyone.  I think Elder Holland said once that we need to be the missionaries that our moms think we are.. haha.  I think you can just google Santa Rita, Paraiba, Brasil and it should come up.  Centro is the coolest part with the fountain and the parks with mosaiacs and the old catholic church.  We already have another roomate, Sister Alves left and now we have Sister Pinna from Argentina.  Sister Sales is the pequeninha from Fortaleza.  My release date is Jan 21, this month they´ll call me to ask what airport I´ll go home to.  AHH

So Anderson got baptized, it´s just his mom we need to catch.  Running away from missionaries runs in that family, but afterwards they become superstar members.  Everything went smoothly and he was really happy to be baptized (even though he doesn´t really look that happy..)  In the picture with him are his cousins, Alice and Claudio and the bishop´s son who wanted to be in the picture.
A huge miracle yesterday was J coming to church.  Some stuff happened with his daughter and ex wife that really threw him off-track and he didn´t want to be baptized with bitterness in his heart against anyone, and to add to it, he started smoking again because of the stress.  But he really is hanging in there with his testimony.  He´s told us several times he knows it´s all true.  We passed by his house Sunday morning and he wasn´t there so we had basically given up that he still really has interest.  But when we got to church, there was J, already there.  He came to watch the baptism to see how it is.  Pray for him!  He just needs a little more faith to stop smoking!

I´ve been learning a lot about the importance of gratitude, again.  I´ve been feeling lately like I´ll never be one of those missionaries that all the members remember, or who baptized a ton or who was a great leader.  But I know without a single doubt that God is aware of me, and always has been.  If we trust Him we will be able to do all things for our own good and the good of others.  I think ever since the Brown family in New York, I´ve had a deep-set preocupation for the eternal souls of everyone, including my own.  But the Lord tells us to not let our hearts be troubled, neither let it be afraid, and that in this life we´ll have affliction, but we can still be of good cheer.  He has overcome the world.  Above all the little miracles that have kept me going each day, I´m so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ.  I´m grateful that the path isn´t always easy, mentally, physically or spiritually.  Sometimes when we suffer a little, that can help us to help other people, not because we know how they feel, but because we know someone else who knows everything about their sorrows.  

Remember to be grateful and trust in the Lord!  Remember to love and forgive yourself.  Remember to remember!  

I love you all so much and am so grateful for all you´ve done for me in my life. Have an awesome week!


Sister Moore

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