Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 1, 2014, Hurrah for Israel!

Querida família!

This week was a LOT better.  The whole thing with P was just confusion, she left her cell phone at her sister´s house and was waiting for us at her house to come get her.  Oh well.. she ended up getting baptized on Saturday and worked out great having a little more time to make it special and introduce her to the ward better.  Quite a few people came to the baptism and they liked our cake so I´m hoping there´ll be more references.  More baptisms, more baptism cakes!  That´s why everyone likes sisters more ;)

P is just so elect.  She has 7 kids, two of them are inactive members who live here and others live in Rio and are active in the church!  It was cool to hear how she called her kids in Rio and they´re all so excited for her!  With her, all we had to do was show up and invite her to be baptized and she never had any doubts.  It was an awesome baptism :)

We have A LOT of people to work with that it´s hard to know who to focus on.  So many people feel the spirit and have the desire to change but just won´t keep commitments.  But the Lord always puts the right people in our path.  Sometimes if we try too hard to just be the reapers, we end up running after goals and we miss real opportunities to help people.  The miracles happen if you just trust the Lord, and all in His own time.  

We´ve been really meticulous this week with working 50% with less actives, which seems kind of hard when you have so much to do and so many less actives are just like investigators who don´t want ANYTHING.  But this week it really did bring some miracles.  I felt personally that the Lord had heard my prayers.  I had been praying to be able to complete the families of the less-actives we planned to visit and for the Lord to open the hearts of the people scheduled to meet with us.  

D has a son on a mission but wasn´t interested at all in baptism because she never had a dream in response to her prayer and she´s catholic and her neighbors all talk bad about the church etc etc etc... All she does really is cry and talk about her son.  The first time we visited her she didn´t let us finish ONE sentence which makes me lose my patience really fast.  Later we talked to her husband J outside of their house and he said he´d go to church so we marked another appointment, however badly I didn´t want to.  But D told us about an email from her son and a miracle that happened that helped her feel the spirit and she knows the church is true and that what he´s doing is right.  She wants to wait for her son to return to get baptized (he´s only been gone two months.. ugh) but the important thing is she wants to get baptized!!  They didn´t come to church in the end, but it´s progress.

We´re working with a lot of people who have less active members in the family and the Lord really has opened their hearts and they are feeling and recognizing the spirit.  Even if they don´t progress super fast, I have a testimony of following the guidance of your leaders and the worth of souls in the sight of God.  

It sounds like you guys are doing great work in Boston.  Living the dream!   I tried again to send pictures but all it did was waste 20 minutes of my internet time... sigh.  Someday.  I´ll probably just send you my memory card sometime.  We do have two couple missionaries but we never see them haha.. 

Keep planting seeds, believe in miracles and care for your own testimony!  I love you all so much.  ´´Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved´´ Thomas S Monson

Com muito amor e carinho,

Sister Moore

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