Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014

Querida família,

This morning we shared our personal studies with everyone in the house and it was really spiritual.  Sister Sales has been having a hard week, being sick and also stressed.  We all talked about what the Lord expects of us on our missions and the progress we´ve made and we all hugged in the end.  They´re all amazing missionaries.  

I think a virus is spreading through all of Santa Rita, it didn´t hit me hard enough to stay home but it hit Sister C and we stayed home for a couple days.  At least we really had some time to talk and laugh and share a little bit more about our lives.  Sister C has never really had parents and her life has made her seem a little cold to some people.  At the beginning of her mission she thought a companion was just someone to walk by your side.  She´s come so far in every aspect as a missionary since we lived together in Prossind. I´ve been a little stressed because sometimes I blame the results of our work on my companion and feel like it´s just my job to correct her because I ´´should be´´ the senior companion by now.  I think we´ve both learned that your companion is everything and you have to be a team in absolutely everything.  I´ve learned a lot about finding the best in people.  Helping them see the good in themselves and sincerely appreciating people for who they are makes all the difference.  If you only see the bad, it´s probably a reflection of how you see yourself.  Always hug your companion and tell her you love her before going to bed!

J is still dragging his feet a little but says he will get baptized and will continue to go to church.  He has a testimony but there´s something else going on we feel..  Keep praying for him and for Joyce.  Joyce´s been going to church FOREVER but her mom won´t sign the papers and now we feel it also be the influence of her aunt, an active member, who´s keeping her from signing it...

General Conference is coming once again!!  The General RS meeting won´t be shown here until Sunday between the two sessions, but thanks for the spoilers ;)  I´ve been preparing for this conference by reading the last conference, especially the prophet´s last talk.  President Monson is indeed a prophet of God and I love that he always chooses to uplift us and talk about loving each other more.  Nothing else we do matters if we don´t stop to notice the people around us who need our service.  Sometimes it´s not in the way we necessarily want or think we need to serve, but the Lord is always showing us opportunities to show love to people every day.  

I love you all so much!  Have an awesome week and an awesome General Conference!  Follow the prophet!!  The church is true! 

Com amor e carinho,

Sister Moore

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