Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Querida família,

I´m so glad to hear about the progress of your investigators.  I´ve been praying for them.  That´s so awesome that you are all using your talents to do the Lord´s work.  Mom, the Lord always blesses you with those little things like the piñata.  You´re such an example of faith and gratitude :)

The Lord has really been preparing these people and answering our prayers, even if the fruits aren´t quite showing yet.  I don´t think I´ve ever heard so many people say they´ve received an answer to prayer that these things are true in my whole mission than in the past two weeks!  Just one example was AC, who didn´t seem that interested but we talked to her because her 11-year-old son is going to church (even though he´s literally running away from us because he´s afraid of baptism).  She´s the sister of a recent convert who´s kids are super active in the church and seminary and help us a lot.  We left the pamphlet of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for her to read.  It turned out she did read and prayed and that it helped her in a really hard moment after she fought with her boyfriend.  She wants to get baptized!  It was awesome and I know so many more people in that family will follow her, including her son A. 

José came to church with us yesterday, and told us after sacrament meeting that he prayed and got an answer that baptism is the right thing to do :)  He lives with his thirteen year old son and his mom and his niece, and we´re gonna work with all of them.  Pray for his baptism this Sunday!!  This all probably means I´ll get transferred next week :P

We have another new rule in our mission that we have to introduce all of the fifth lesson before baptism.  The vision is to really focus on all aspects of the work of salvation and help people go to the temple and do work for their ancestors and missionary work.  It seems like a lot of information, but the people here really do seem to connect more to the idea of baptisms for their relatives who´ve passed on than the idea of apostasy and authority and prophets etc..  It´s really amazing.  

P who was baptized last week shared something incredible with us.  We reviewed the plan of salvation with her and talked about baptisms for the dead.  This woman doesn´t know how to read and doesn´t seem to understand a lot about the restoration, but when we explained this to her she told us about a dream she had 5 months ago.  In the dream, her son who died 8 years ago at the age of 16 was telling her get on a bus with him.  The bus took them to the most beautiful church she´d ever seen that had a garden in front.  Everyone there was dressed in white and her son said to her, ´´Mom, this is where I live.´´

The church is true.  Families are forever.  The work is hastening on both sides of the veil and the Lord is preparing many people to hear who only need to be invited.  Open your mouth and invite them.  Remember what it is you are actually offering them.  

I love you all so much and I hope you continue to recognize all the miracles in missionary work and feel God´s love for all His children.  Have an awesome week!

Com muito amor,
Sister Moore

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