Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 10, 2014, "It's A Girl"

Querida família,

Let´s start with the crazy news!  So last night we get a random phone call from President, who NEVER calls Sunday night for anything, and he told us that I had been moved to senior companion to prepare me to TRAIN in my last transfer!  Generally you only find that out the day before transfers, but for whatever reason President was inspired to tell me now.  I didn´t really talk about this, but Sister Cavalcanti received the phone call last transfer that she would train and I was happy for her but really heart broken because training is 12 weeks and I thought it was my last chance.  I was really tempted to doubt my abilities and just hang back, but I´ve been praying more than ever for the Lord to help me find my purpose and progress while still being junior.  The phone call from president just came in exactly the right moment and was really a moment of my knowing that the Lord does everything in His timing and He´s aware of our desires and what´s best for us.  I thought of Elder Bednar´s talk on tender mercies, that nothing is coincidence and His timing helps us recognize His tender mercies.  I´m so excited to end my mission with my own little filhinha :)  

We are still in search of the super elect people here in Rio Tinto, but I know they´re out there.  We have one couple, G and G, who want to get married and get baptized so it´s just organizing all the complicated details with that, and helping G gain a stronger testimony.  He used to be a pastor and he was a little drunk in one of our lesson just trying to show how much he knew about the Bible.. but it´s my dream to marry and baptize a family so of course it´s gonna happen :)

I do love your emails, mom, I love emails from EVERYONE (hint) and love hearing how everyone´s doing.  Being a missionary´s the best, our house is really funny and everyone knows how to sing Adele.. Miracles are gonna happen this week, I know it!  Love you all!  The church is true! 


Sister Moore

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