Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 17, 2014

Oi família!!

Everything is going good in Rio Tinto.. we´ve got some good investigators and the Lord will always bless our best efforts.  I´ve been learning a lot about how to trust the spirit to know how to say the right thing at the right time, with investigators and companions.  We have authority from God, but it can only be exersized if we are obedient, if we know the scriptures and if we love the Lord and other people.  I´ve been reading the 12 week training to get ready to teach, and there´s a lot of things I wish I had known when I had started my mission.  I feel like if I can successfully teach my filha these things, everything I´ve learned on my mission is worth it.  

It´s awesome to hear that your mission is doing so well!  Wow. How many companionships are there in your mission? I´ve been praying for your investigators and goals.  Our mission is hitting kind of a low, so you can know that your mission is surpassing what was one of the highest baptizing missions in the world.  Pray for Missão João Pessoa and President Nogueira.  He is a very inspired man that as a temple President really has a vision of bringing every convert to the temple and helping the missionaries stay active.  I know this calling has been incredibly stressful for him as someone who has never served a full time mission, but I know he really cares about us a lot, and his wife too.  

The miracle yesterday was a man, João, who has been to church a few times and came again yesterday by himself.  He was already baptized in his church and his family is really against it, but he loves the church and knows he wants to stay there.  Have you guys ever read ´´Member Missionary Work and Finding the Elect of God´´?  It´s really awesome and talks about helping people who think they don´t need to be baptized again.  It´s all just talking about prayer and not doctrine.  We were miraculously able to teach him without his family spoiling the lesson and marked his baptism for this Sunday and gave him the Book of Mormon, which before his family had rejected, but this time didn´t say anything.  Pray for João!

The other miracle is Vitória, who really wants to get baptized, but the area rule is that she has to wait 3 months because she´s only fourteen.  Or she has to be baptized with her mom, so we´re going to try to teach her but we already know she´s very catholic and doesn´t want to go to church.. But her brother, Reginaldo, is a less active member and is 19, so MAYBE we can reactivate him and get permission from Pres to baptize her before my mission ends.. She´s so cute and wants to bring everyone to church next week and go to the activities.  Isn´t that just life?  She´ll for sure be baptized though. 

Well, the church is still true and the book is blue.  I hope you all have an awesome week.  Does anyone have ideas for simple games to play at a branch family night?  Most of the people who go are the recent converts. We need ideas.  Also, does anyone have any requests of what they want me to bring home from Brazil with me?  Havaianas?  Chocolate? Cuscuzeiro?  Does cuscuz exist in the united states? It´s a staple of life here.  

I love you all so much!  


Sister Moore

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