Friday, November 28, 2014

November 24, 2014

Querida Família,

That is amazing that your mission is baptizing so much.  We have the same number of missionaries and only 29 baptisms until now.. I think we´ve been adjusting to a new way of working and new rules that make it harder to baptize fast but will have more retention.  But if we baptize families and have faith, we should still be baptizing a lot!  I loved dad as Noah.. I want to hear more about what that training was about!

João is a tough cookie.  He wants to go to the temple, wants to pay tithing, would even be confirmed a member if he could, but he just does not want to get baptized.  There´s something in his head that, every time he agrees with what we´re saying, just takes him back to the same thing: ``but I´ve already been baptized´´..  He even went to the interview and when we got to the chapel, our investigator Vitória was there CLEANING THE CHAPEL with just the branch President and one other young woman.  She wants to be baptized so bad.. and the only investigator who can´t be baptized.  Isn´t that just life?  She awesome though.

We found a lot of really awesome people last week, none of which came to church except for Raul who we´ve been teaching together with his uncle and his friend who know EVERYTHING about the church. He came to one of our lessons and just pulls out the teachings of Brigham Young manual..  what the heck??  It´s a little frustrating because he´s a little misinformed and isn´t as interested or open as Raul, so he´s kind of there just to get the lesson off track talking about random things from the church´s history..  But Raul went to church and didn´t seem to love it.. but he needs to pray about the Book of Mormon still.  Pray for him!  

Also... his uncle, Ronoldo, really really wants me to make pumpkin pie so could you send me a recipe? haha thanks

The biggest miracle for last.. Felipe!!  He lives so close to our house and we found an unfinished... Í don´t remember the english word for ficha.. the paperwork you fill out to baptize someone.... but we found that paper in our house and we went over to his house.  Turns our he´d been taught twice already, once in Natal, found the missionaries here again, but never was baptized.  We talked to him and taught the first lesson and he said he wasn´t ready before but this time his heart is open and he wants to be baptized.. Sunday!!  WOOHOO!!  He is so solid and so great!  

It was a great week and the next will be better!  A lot more happened but I think I covered the most important.. The Book of Mormon is true!  I know the Savior loves me and all of us.  I love you all so much!

Com carinho,

Sister Moore

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