Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October 29, 2014, Rock n Roll in Rio Tinto!

Família minha!

Well it looks like I´ll be dying in the area with the same name as the stadium where I saw Paul McCartney, Rio Tinto. It was destiny.  It´s beautiful here, out in the middle of the jungle.  People baptize like crazy in this zone, Zona Mamanguape. People call this area the city of Enoch, so I guess it´s gotta be good haha.. My companion is another Brazilian, Sister Marshall, and this is her last transfer.  She´s from Santa Catarina. I´m sad to leave Santa Rita but I feel particularly good about the work I did there and feel the Lord is happy too.
I´m having trouble sending pictures again, but I was baptized!  She was so happy and excited to do personal progress, go to seminary and everything.  She already wants to go on a mission.  All of our recent converts in that area are doing so good, being taken care of and giving referrals and growing their testimonies.  We also planted a lot of seeds there.  Sister Cavalcanti got to stay and is training her new filhinha.  I knew all week I was leaving which was the worst thing ever, President told me at interviews.  

It´s been a great month for the Moore missionaries!  I love Andrea´s story.  She´s so brave to go against everything her family´s taught her to follow the truth.  I wish everyone had that courage.  We just have to teach in a way that we add to the truths they already believe and not take anything away from them.  

A lot happened this week.. but after transfers my mind goes a little blank.  The church is still true.  One of my favorite conference talks that´s helped me on my mission is ´´Accepted by the Lord´´ from April 2013, by a seventy who´s name I never can remember.  Always seek the Lord´s acceptance above everything else.  I have been focusing a lot more lately on really what the Lord expects of me, and I´ve been really grateful to see that a lot of promises in my patriarchal blessing and my setting apart blessing have already happened.  I don´t always understand the Lord´s mind, but every experience I´ve had has helped me to be a better peacemaker, be able to boldly share my testimony, and prepared me for the future things I´ll face in life.  

I love you all so much!  Have an awesome week!

Com amor,

Sister Moore

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