Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 3, 2014

Querida família,

The transfer did start out with a baptism.  I kind of just arrived to baptize but he is a very cool guy named Leandro.  Rio Tinto is a very small branch so it´s awesome to baptize a future priesthood holder, who owns his own business and has a lot of potential to be a leader.  He was a reference from the District President who just had to open his mouth and share his testimony with a man he saw all the time at work.  Leandro already studies conference talks on lds.org and has great questions.  The only problem is his wife, who can´t understand still why he wants to leave the catholic church and they´ve been having some issues, but she´ll come around when she sees the blessings of her husband having the gospel.  

Last night we went to a fireside by President Carbone, who directs the institutes in all northeast Brazil and is one of President Nogueira´s counselors.  He literally knows everything about the scriptures and it was an awesome fireside.  He talked about how there can´t be iniquity in a branch or it won´t grow.  Members who don´t understand the doctrine keep the church from growing.  It was pretty much calling the district to repentance but afterwards he did question and answer.  What I got out of it was really that there exists a big connection between the temple and missionary work.  The key to success is just to keep and honor your covenants.  I read a talk this morning by Elder Nelson called ´´covenants´´ and he say the best compliment you can receive is to be called a covenant keeper.  When the Lord talks about covenants, he is usually reminding his people to lift up their heads and rejoice, because he always remembers his promises.  That´s the source of our strength that binds us to God and no other church has authority to make these covenants.  

My companion is very different from any other I´ve had but she is super dedicated.  She´s from Florianopolis, in the south.  It´s been a little hard finding my niche in our relationship; we´re both ending our missions and have a lot of ideas that are very different.  But she´s a great missionary and I know we need each other and the Lord will help us.  The other Sisters we live with are from Argentina and Australia.  Yep, the first Austalian to serve in Brasil.  We´re trying to teach our companions English, both already know a lot, but it´s always a fight between the two accents.. Speaking English is really hard these days haha.

Our house has horses, cats and monkeys.  It´s everything I´ve ever dreamed.  Someday you´ll see pictures... but it is not this day.

The church is true!  I love you all a lot.  I´m praying for your goals!  Make it rain!!! :)

Com amor e carinho,

Sister Moore

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